Aidroos for Commerce and Technical Services (ACTS), established in 2010, is a licensed establishment registered in the Yemeni Commercial Register in Ataq City, Shabwah governorate. ACTS focuses in providing “limited” oil-related services for oil and gas companies, general contractors, and international development agencies, in addition to consultancy and technical services in Shabwah governorate and the neighboring governorates.

ACTS believes in its professional capabilities, which facilitate its participation in works and projects at an advanced level. The broad expertise and know-how of our staff allow us to build partnerships and represent companies at the local and international levels.

Furthermore, ACTS specialized staffs are well aware of the political, tribal, social and economic situation in Shabwah and the neighboring governorates. They also have good relations with the local authority, tribes and social figures within the work areas of ACTS.

ACTS takes into consideration the importance of the rights of the people in the concession areas. The establishment always strives to ensure that priority is given to the people of the oil concession areas and the contractual areas of ACTS.

Moreover, ACTS has expanded its relationships to build excellent and extensive links with professionals, universities and research institutes in many areas in Shabwah, Hadramout, Sana’a, Abyan, Lahj, Aden and Dhamar. The corporation also provides various programs that meet their needs and requirements, taking into account the commitment to the application of the highest standards and practices in the field of workmanship and specialization.


ACTS aims to improve the quality of the provision of services and business facilitation to oil companies and establishments working in relevant fields. Providing services to the satisfaction of the client is a goal that ACTS always aspires to and sets standards to ensure that this is achieved. We in ACTS are strictly committed to the ethics of the profession and strive to develop constructive working relationships for community service.