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We Provide (limited) Services for Oil & Gas, Contracting, Consultancy and Services Companies as well as International Development Agencies

Our Services

According to our policies and standards in employing specialized cadres, the Establishment provides various services in different fields such as

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Quality Policy

ACTS pays huge efforts to design a policy of quality that can fulfill its objectives and satisfy its customers as well who its main concern. The satisfaction of the customer is its top priority.

General Contracting

ACTS offers unique activities in the field of general contracting and construction in the areas of its specialization in both private and public sectors. At the private level,


ACTS provides technical and specialized services to support oil installations and strengthen the infrastructure of oil companies and enterprises.

temporary buildings
Ready-Made Houses

We provide engineering, installing and design services of Hanjers and ready-made buildings, provide the requirements of building protected houses

pre-made constructions

ACTS provides the service of constructing temporary facilities for establishments, companies, government headquarters and humanitarian organizations.

General Maintenance

ACTS provides general maintenance services in the field of electricity and sanitation, buildings maintenance, backfilling, rehabilitation, civil or architectural ...

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Food Supply
Food supply

ACTS provides a multi-purchase service for oil companies and enterprises, including the procurement of food and its delivery to the companies and establishments' ....


ACTS has a broad experience and know-how in the field of customs clearance. Individuals as well as companies can count on us to redeem and ...


ACTS is keen to provide excellent transportation services by land, sea and air. We can also provide local transportation services ...

temporary buildings
Waste Management

ACTS provides services of waste management, control, collection, transport and disposal. Due to our expertise in the most efficient ways of handling waste ...

cleaning building

ACTS has skilled and honest labor to clean up buildings, companies, hotels, and public and private facilities. This service lies in ...

human resources

ACTS provides consultants and technical specialists who are endowed with extensive experience in the field of petroleum, civil, electrical.

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Quality Policy

ACTS pays huge efforts to design a policy of quality that can fulfill its objectives and satisfy its customers as well who its main concern. The satisfaction of the customer..

General Contracting

It is one of the most important services offered by ACTS, due to its experience in handling, communication and delivery. Through this service, ACTS saves the companies' time and..

Car Rental

ACTS provides cars with different specifications and sizes for purposes that are commensurate with the purposes required by the companies, to transport ...

Security Guards
Security Guards

ACTS's extensive relations with the Community in general and with local authorities and social and tribal personalities in particular allow it to provide security ..

pre-made constructions

The qualified cadres at ACTS prepare proposals for projects that aim at sustainable development, an up-to-date area that suffers ...

General Maintenance

ACTS attaches greater importance to the health, safety and environment. The corporation believes that the preservation of the human element, the physical ...

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Studies and Surveys

ACTS conducts a number of specialized and technical studies and surveys, which consist of hydrological studies, basic surveys and socio-economic studies in ..

Capacity Building

ACTS is concerned with capacity building and training of the community members. This is an essential element towards the development of societies..


Based on the scope of work of ACTS and its interest in the technical and commercial aspects, the corporation offers professional and specialized translation ..

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