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Technical Services

ACTS provides the best technical services in the governorate, based on experience and know-how. Some of those services are listed below.


We provide consultation services for business in things related to the governoate, local authority, social figures and start-ups.

Public Relations

We enjoy excellent relationships with all sections of society in Shabwa and the neighboring governorates. We facilitate your missions. 

what we do?

In accordance with the policies and standards used in its recruiting of specialized staff in the field of work, ACTS provides various services in several areas as follows.

Oil & Gas Fields and Facilities Services

ACTS provides technical and specialized services to support oil installations and strengthen the infrastructure of oil companies and enterprises. These services vary according to the needs of the establishments. They may be in a form of support or providing specialized and skilled manpower and excellent consultancy and solutions commensurate with the field of work. ACTS strives to provide practical solutions that will satisfy the establishment’s satisfaction and help achieve the desired objectives of the requested services.

General Contracting

ACTS offers unique activities in the field of general contracting and construction in the areas of its specialization in both private and public sectors. At the private level, ACTS provides services in the construction of residential buildings, villas and business facilities, funded by individuals or companies and businesses. ACTS also provides services to the government through the construction (and rehabilitation) of bridges, and sports and government facilities etc.

Construction of Temporary Facilities

ACTS provides the service of constructing temporary facilities for establishments, companies, government headquarters and humanitarian organizations. This service may include the construction of housing facilities for workers in the oil and other sectors. Through the expertise of its staff, ACTS builds housing units and accessories to conform to the employer’s requirements.

Metal and Ready-Made Constructions

We provide engineering, installing and design services of Hanjers and ready-made buildings, provide the requirements of building protected houses, industrial workshops or ready-made houses.  We also facilitate the provision of construction requirements to build Hanjers for establishments, organizations, trade centers and markets.

General Maintenance

ACTS provides general maintenance services in the field of electricity and sanitation, buildings maintenance, backfilling, rehabilitation, civil or architectural engineering, general contracting, and removal of garbage, etc.

Food supply

ACTS provides a multi-purchase service for oil companies and enterprises, including the procurement of food and its delivery to the companies and establishments’ stores. We guarantee the satisfaction of the establishments and stress our commitment to the delivery on time as agreed. We also offer a varied menu of food and beverages as per the needs of those companies.

Customs Clearance

ACTS has a broad experience and know-how in the field of customs clearance. Individuals as well as companies can count on us to redeem and manage shipments, follow up with the concerned authorities and arrange the receipt of the goods to be cleared. This service includes other sub-services that corporations can refer and rely on ACTS to carry on, as per their desire.

Transportation Services

ACTS is keen to provide excellent transportation services by land, sea and air. We can also provide local transportation services (between cities, regions and districts) or outside Yemen through coordination and facilitation of trips and follow-up of all the requirements and documents necessary to enjoy smooth transport.

Environment and Waste Management

ACTS provides services of waste management, control, collection, transport and disposal. Due to our expertise in the most efficient ways of handling waste, ACTS was able to handle and dispose of the collected waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner that does not cause the harmful gases to rise into air, having a negative impact on vegetation, and the breakout of epidemics and diseases.

Human Resources Provision

Technical Specialists and Consultants

ACTS provides consultants and technical specialists who are endowed with extensive experience in the field of petroleum, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. These technicians have the work experience at oil companies. ACTS also provides specialists and consultants in the field of agriculture.

Skilled and Unskilled Labor

ACTS provides specialized and trained skilled workers in various fields and activities according to the requirements of institutions and companies (in the field of oil, technical, architectural and other fields), and at various levels from the service level to the supervisory and administrative levels. ACTS also provides unskilled labour to carry out hard work according to the needs of the institutions.

Community Relations Officers

ACTS is run by a cadre of local people with excellent community relations. They have a constructive and purposeful communication with all segments of society and are aware of the different ways of dealing with all, which makes it easier for ACTS to provide services to companies and institutions and to facilitate the building of relationships in the target communities and areas of concession in which ACTS operates.

Building Cleaning and Care

ACTS has skilled and honest labor to clean up buildings, companies, hotels, and public and private facilities. This service lies in: (a) cleaning the walls, floors and ceilings, and the parts of the building that requires cleaning; and (b) cleaning windows and doors of dust and dirt.


It is one of the most important services offered by ACTS, due to its experience in handling, communication and delivery. Through this service, ACTS saves the companies’ time and effort necessary to purchase and supply products. It provides general procurement services, like the supply of fresh and frozen foodstuffs, electronics, electrical materials, computers accessories, building materials, cement, office equipment, petroleum derivatives, oil and other materials that companies and institutions may require.

ACTS imports goods from China, as it is in contact with offices and companies that facilitate import processes and provide all the requirements that corporations may need.

Rental of Cars, Heavy Equipment and Means of Transportation

ACTS provides cars with different specifications and sizes for purposes that are commensurate with the purposes required by the companies, to transport their employees or goods. ACTS also provides heavy equipment and transport vehicles to facilitate the arrival and transport services to companies which are relieved of the trouble of doing the task itself.

Health, Safety and Environment

ACTS attaches greater importance to the health, safety and environment. The corporation believes that the preservation of the human element, the physical infrastructure and the provision of health, safety and environmental equipment are the necessities that ACTSACTS is committed to maintaining. In addition, it is necessary in the view of ACTS to use personal protective and safety equipment and to provide first-aid equipment and other relevant equipment and materials. Based on its belief in the importance of this element, ACTSACTS has developed a special policy for the maintenance of health, safety and the environment.

Preparation of Project Proposals

The qualified cadres at ACTS prepare proposals for projects that aim at sustainable development, an up-to-date area that suffers neglect at the hand of many service institutions. However, ACTS is well aware of the importance of such projects of sustainable development, especially in the areas of preference and distinction of oil companies.

As part of its project preparation program, ACTS provides the design, follow-up, evaluation and development of current projects as well as proposals that improve any existing ones.

Security Guards

ACTS’s extensive relations with the Community in general and with local authorities and social and tribal personalities in particular allow it to provide security escorts services to companies and institutions. Therefore, when recruiting, ACTS slects the most suitable person for the post who are always alert and who enjoy physical fitness. The areas of protection range from the provision of human resources to the escort of corporations’ means of transport to the protection of headquarters and commercial institutions.

Specialized Translation

Based on the scope of work of ACTS and its interest in the technical and commercial aspects, the corporation offers professional and specialized translation services provided by a distinguished team of translators who have wide experience in the field of oil for more than a decade. ACTS translators have extensive experience in the field of specialized and legal technical translation. Translating contracts, agreements and memorandums are just one of the fields that out translators are very skillful at.

Capacity Building

ACTS is concerned with capacity building and training of the community members. This is an essential element towards the development of societies. For this purpose, ACTS organizes workshops for employers in various fields according to their own needs.

Conducting Studies and Surveys

ACTS conducts a number of specialized and technical studies and surveys, which consist of hydrological studies, basic surveys and socio-economic studies in rural areas and cities. The company also provides impeccable services to oversee civil construction and architectural and engineering designs because ACTS is in contact with distinguished and immensely experienced specialists in civil and architectural engineering as well as in the supervision of such works.

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